One Olneyville

One Olneyville


One Olneyville is a social enterprise program employing 18-24 year olds from the Olneyville neighborhood and providing them with job training skills and experience. We provide highly competitive landscaping services to individuals and institutions throughout the Providence region.




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Our services include:
-Lawn care
-Mulching and planting
-Spring/Fall cleanup
-Brush removal and lot cleanup
-Tree planting and maintenance
-Power washing
-Commercial district maintenance

One Olneyville, the Olneyville Housing Corporation’s landscaping social enterprise, was launched in June 2012. One Olneyville is comprised of a full-time manager and three part-time job training participants.  Through competitively bid and awarded contracts, One Olneyville maintains OHC’s housing portfolio and recently began working on Community Works RI’s housing developments as well.  This earned-income work allows us dedicate 30-60% of our time to pro-bono commercial district maintenance in Olneyville Square – picking up litter, removing graffiti, watering the hanging flower baskets, and generally showing patrons that the area is safe and vibrant.



“We have happily worked with One Olneyville for three years now. While landscaping over 40 properties for us, their commitment to customer satisfaction make them a great choice.”
—Carmen Soriano, First Realty Management

“These guys are putting the “Oh!” Back in Olneyville. they did great work on my property.”
—Jim Searles, Olneyville property owner

“One Olneyville is certainly making a difference in Olneyville Square. They are keeping the street and sidewalks clean, keeping graffiti off the bus stops, and beautifying the area with plants and flowers. Most importantly, seeing them at work every day is a welcome reminder that people care about Olneyville.”
—Greg Stevens, Owner
Olneyville New York System Restaurant

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