• Community Building

    Community Building

    OHC believes in resident-led community development. We engage our residents through community events, educational workshops, leadership development, and youth development.
  • Stewardship


    Our stewardship initiatives help to maintain the physical assets of our neighborhood; by caring for these public spaces we have a visible presence in the community – demonstrating that Olneyville is a proud and safe neighborhood.
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    OHC builds and renovates housing units for purchase by first-time homebuyers or for rental at affordable rates. We also seek to promote economic development through commercial real estate development projects.
  • Joslin Park Community Garden

    Joslin Park Community Garden

    OHC manages the Joslin Park Community Garden which provides 34 plots to over 20 gardeners to grow food for themselves and their families.
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  • Community Resolution #2
  • Community Resolution #3
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  • Community Resolution #5
  • Community Resolution #6


OHC is excited to begin construction on Paragon Mills, a historic mill site on Manton Avenue. The mill complex will be converted for light industrial, small business, and microstudio uses and contribute to the economic revitalization of Olneyville Square. Pre-lease now and you can qualify for up to 45% in Historic Tax Credit subsidies (HTCs) on your tenant-specific buildout costs.

To learn more, visit the Paragon Mills website here.

<b>RENT OR BUY</b>


OHC is proud to announce the completion of the first energy-efficient home as part of the Audrey Street Initiative. This single-family home at 25 Audrey Street in Olneyville is currently for sale.

OHC has affordable 1- 2- 3- and 4-bedroom apartments available for rent to income-qualified families. We also build and renovate housing units for purchase by qualified first-time homebuyers. Click here to find out how you can rent or purchase your own home.

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<b>IN THE NEWS</b>


Check out recent news coverage of the projects we are working on to revitalize Olneyville!

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“Money Watchers: Zombie Foreclosures”

“A chance to change your idea of Olneyville”

Exhibit spotlights voices of Olneyville


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OHC was founded in 1988 to promote the comprehensive revitalization of the Olneyville neighborhood. Our mission is to work with residents to build a safe, healthy and stable community. We accomplish our mission through the creation and preservation of affordable housing, development of commercial real estate to spur economic development in the neighborhood, individual asset building, as well as community building and organizing.

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